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Time for another giveaway!! This time you'll get a chance to win a box of APRÉS nail tip box of your choice!

How do I enter?

Simply answer the questions below on our Giveaway post in the Facebook Discussion Group! Click HERE to visit the post now.

1./ how are you finding Apres Gel-X system

2./ application process? What’s been the best thing from using acrylics/gel/sculpting etc

3./ time of application compared to the previous system?

4./ how would you rate this product?

5./ how do your clients rate this product?

6./ is it worth the investment?

7./ what would you say to someone who hasn’t tried it before?

8./LASTLY - which tip box would you like to receive?


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Andrew Rumford
posted on 21 February 2019 23:21:26 GMT
completely in love with the gel x apres system and completely in lov how they look and u get a fab shape instantly cutting time in half to aply about 30 mins or less if pre sorted the clients nails before arrival and I reate the system 10/10 my clients are loving the feel and look and wear of the nails super quick
completely worth investing in I have most of the apres nails and next buying the air brush has I am so excited to use the item
the nails are revolutionary and would recommend to any 1 who does nails

the box id like to receive is the short coffin nails

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