Apres Gel-X Nails: What are they and how to apply them

If you’re a nail bar regular, Apres Nails might need no introduction. If not, let this be your sign to unlock flawless manicures with Apres Gel-X Nails, the world’s first soft gel nail extension system.

Since their introduction in 2015, Apres nails have been widely considered the best option for nail extensions. They feature cutting-edge formulas that last, offering acrylic and hard gel lovers a chance to break away from nail damage with a one-way ticket to tantalising tips.

Read on as we share our Apres Gel-X nail secrets, including why they’re better than acrylics, how to apply them, and the best Apres nail kits to buy at The Nail & Beauty Link.

Table of contents

  1. What are Apres Gel-X nails?
  2. How long do Apres nails last?
  3. Is Apres Gel-X good for your nails?
  4. Are Apres Gel-X nails better than acrylics?
  5. How to apply Apres Gel-X extensions in 5 easy steps
  6. How to remove Apres nails
  7. Shop Apres nails at The Nail & Beauty Link

What are Apres Gel-X Nails?

Apres Gel-X nails are professional press-on nails made out of gel, offering manicure lovers a fast and easy-to-apply alternative to traditional acrylic and hard gel extensions. 

They were first introduced in 2015, becoming the world’s first and only soft gel nail extension system. They are thin, malleable, and conveniently soak off like gel polish, allowing the wearer to enjoy stylish extensions that don’t compromise nail health. 

APRES Jenny Queen of Bling x Gel-X Kit (Holo)

How long do Apres nails last?

Apres nails last up to four weeks when applied professionally. Like acrylics, they naturally “grow out” during this time. However, regrowth is much less noticeable with Apres nails due to their cutting-edge, thin formula designed to prevent nail lifting at the edges. 

Is Apres Gel-X good for your nails?

All nail extensions are potentially harmful to natural nails, especially if not applied or removed professionally. However, Apres Gel-X extensions are considerably less abrasive than their alternatives as they don’t feature harsh chemicals. They are also easy to apply and don’t require drilling or nail tools to apply, making them a great option for those who want to grow out their natural nails. 

Are Apres Gel-X Nails better than acrylics?

Apres Gel-X nails are much kinder to natural nails than acrylics. They require no hard drilling, so do not damage the nail bed during application. They also cover the full nail bed, unlike acrylics which are attached to the tip, allowing nails to grow without damaging their health.

Apres nails are extremely easy to apply and remove, offering comfortable wear while encouraging natural nail growth. 

How to apply Apres Gel X extensions in 10 easy steps

Applying Apres Gel-X extensions is easy, especially when using the award-winning Apres Gel-X nail kits from The Nail & Beauty Link. Follow these 10 simple steps to apply Apres nail gel tips for salon-worthy results:

  1. After choosing your Gel-X tips, file one-third of each Gel-X nail tip starting from the base. This thins out the gel tip base, allowing it to blend seamlessly with your natural nail bed. Our collection offers Apres Gel-X nail tips in various styles and lengths. So, whether searching for round, square, stiletto, coffin or almond gel tips, you’ll easily find the perfect style.
  1. Next, apply a PH bonder and primer to your nail bed from our Apres Essentials collection. We recommend working on and finishing one hand at a time to ensure a flawless finish. 
  1. Apply a thin layer of Extend Gel over your natural nail and cure under an LED light.
  1. Once cured, apply the same Extend Gel up to one-third of the gel nail tip, applying at the base and pushing inward.
  1. Next, apply the Gel-X tip to your natural nail bed at a forty-five-degree angle. Push the gel tip forward until it fills up to your natural nail, ensuring there are no air bubbles. Cure for fifteen seconds.
  1. When applying the gel tips, press firmly with your thumb at the base to keep the tip in place when curing. When curing, rotate the thumb and apply even pressure on your gel tip, allowing the base to cure.
  1. After applying all five gel tips, cure fully in an LED light. Then, repeat all the above steps on the other hand.
  1. Once you have applied your Gel-X tips to each nail and completed a full cure, file the sides of your gel tips to create a smoother edge. This will discourage your gel tips from lifting and ensure a more seamless look. Do the same to the base to prevent the tips from looking bulky as your natural nails grow out. 
  1. Using acetone, wipe each nail to create a clean nail bed free of dust and debris.
  1. Now you have successfully applied your Apres Gel-X extensions, you can find all the salon tools needed to create flawless looks in our collection! Create the perfect manicure with Apres signature soft gels, or channel your inner nail artist with our accessories

Apres Presto x Aprés Gel-X Kit (Red)

How to remove Apres Gel-X extensions

Apres nails are easy to apply and remove. However, as with acrylics, proper removal is essential to preventing nail damage. Follow these five simple steps to remove your Gel-X nails easily:

  1. First, use a nail file to remove the top coat and gel polish. We recommend using an e-file. 
  1. Trim and remove your Gel-X tips using a nail clipper. 
  1. Next, cover each nail with a paper towel soaked in acetone, then wrap it in foil to process. Leave each nail to soak for around 15 to 20 minutes.
  1. Remove the foil and paper towel and scrape off the excess gel. If the gel does not remove easily, wrap your nail back up and leave to process for a few more minutes.
  1. Finally, gently file each nail to remove any leftover gel or residue. 

Once you have safely removed your Gel-X nail tips, we recommend following up with a cuticle oil or manicure lotion to replenish, hydrate, and strengthen your nail beds.

Shop Apres Gel-X nails at The Nail & Beauty Link

Apres Gel-X nails are the perfect way to achieve tantalising tips without damaging nail health. They are easy to apply and offer long-lasting results, ensuring salon-worthy looks to suit every occasion.  

The Apres Nails collection offers everything you need to channel your inner nail artist, from award-winning Apres nail extension systems to our Apres nails kits. We also stock Apres Gel-X tips in various shapes, shades and lengths, so you can create any look you can imagine!

Shop Apres Gel-X extensions today and unlock next-level manicures with The Nail & Beauty Link!

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