Achieve flawless nail looks with the latest beauty brand on the block, VINA Nails

With complete coverage formulas in over 100 glamorous shades, VINA Nails is a beauty brand must-have for professional manicurists and beauty enthusiasts alike. Each bottle offers a flawless application with every use and boasts a chip-resistant finish for long-lasting nail looks. 

At The Nail & Beauty Link, we’re proud to stock a fantastic range of VINA gel polish, from the latest VINA gel nail colours to salon furniture essentials. Read on as we shine the spotlight on this popular beauty brand while sharing the best VINA products to enhance your nail kit!

Brightly coloured VINA bottled lined up. The bottles are the same colour as the varnish inside.

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Who is VINA Nails?

VINA Nails is an innovative gel nail brand designed with beauty enthusiasts and professional nail artists in mind. It creates high-quality formulas in a wide range of colours, including matte and glossy finishes, so you can easily complete any client request. 

With gel nail colours for every occasion, VINA Nails is perfect for professional salon use. The brand combines high-quality ingredients with the latest nail technology, creating top coats, bottom coats and everything in between while ensuring long-lasting looks that don’t damage nail health.

VINA also creates contemporary salon furniture, including pedicure chairs, nail desks, and LED lamps!

5 VINA nail essentials for every salon 

At The Nail & Beauty Link, we stock VINA gel nail polish in various styles, colours and finishes, so whether you’re mastering traditional manicures, following the latest style trends, or unleashing your inner nail artist, we’re confident you’ll find a formula to suit your needs.

Here, we look closer at 5 VINA Nails essentials for every manicurist. 

VINA Gel Polish Collections

Take your nail salon to glamorous new heights with the full VINA gel nail polish collection at The Nail & Beauty Link. Featuring gel colours 1-200 and a free display book chart, you can complete any nail request in style, whether matte or shiny, neutral or bold. 

VINA Gel Polish FULL Collection 1-200 + *Free* Display Book Chart (Worth £108)

VINA gel nail colours are designed using high-quality ingredients and boast a chip-resistant finish, ensuring flawless looks that last. They are also quick and easy to apply; simply cure for 60 seconds in a LED lamp or 3 minutes in a UV lamp. We also stock VINA top coats, bottom coats and primers!

VINA nail extension systems

    Create Pinterest-worthy nail looks that last with our VINA nail extension system range.

    VINA nail extension kit

    VINA Pro LED Lamp

    VINA nail extension systems allow you to cure nails quickly and easily without damaging natural nails. Choose from a selection of comprehensive designs, including cordless nail lamps with built-in portable handles, motion sensor activation, and powerful LED bulbs. Perfect for modern salons or at-home use!

    VINA manicure and pedicure sets

    Professional nail technicians know that the correct aftercare is essential to maintaining manicured nails, and the VINA manicure and pedicure range ensures all of this and more.

    VINA hand creams lined up, including purple lavender, a blue sea breeze ream, tropical mango, sweet tangerine, sweet blossom, and pina colada.

    VINA Hand & Body Lotion

    The range offers skin-loving formulas in an array of delicious scents, perfect for hydrating dry, brittle nail beds while ensuring the perfect base for gel. It also includes therapy lotion and callus removers to take your beauty treatments to the next level.

    VINA Salon Furniture

    Set your salon up for style and success with VINA salon furniture, including nail desks, pedicure chairs, and more. Designed with modern salons in mind, you can offer luxurious beauty treatments while ensuring a chic, professional environment with VINA salon furniture.

    VINA all-white nail desk with draws on each leg

    VINA Nail Desk

    Our VINA furniture collection offers a stylish choice of nail desks with plenty of storage, perfect for use as a reception table or workspace!

    VINA LED table lamps

    Carry out your nail treatments perfectly with VINA LED nail lamps. These modern nail lamps feature three dimmable light settings and an easy-to-use switch, offering full coverage lighting and high display colour.

    Set these LED lamps up on your nail desk for complete clarity when working, or use them to illuminate manicures while you take stunning photos and videos of your finished looks!

    Ergonomic Half Moon LED Table Lamp – Black

    Shop VINA nails at The Nail & Beauty Link

    With a stunning array of gel colours in various shades and finishes, VINA Nails offers the perfect opportunity to level up your nail kit.

    Our VINA gel nails collection offers some of the best VINA formulas, so whether you’re working at home or from a salon, you can create long-lasting looks that make a statement in any setting.

    Shop the best of VINA Nails at The Nail & Beauty Link today!

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